Leaving the Flock

Climbing, who knew!?

It seems that we have gotten into a good routine in the mornings for math, spelling, and writing. Driving proves to be the perfect time for Sebastian to read to me from his chapter book. Today after we finished our academics, we headed over to Summit Climbing Gym. Who knew this would be so much… Continue reading Climbing, who knew!?

Homeschool Resources, Leaving the Flock

Our First OFFICIAL Day

Last week was our 'soft start' and we selected today to be our official first day 'back to school'. We had to make the most of playing with friends last week before they started back to public school today. We wish them all the best for a great year!! We also met new friends in… Continue reading Our First OFFICIAL Day

Sebastian's Stories

The Life of Steve 

Steve spawned in and got wood. He was going to make a house, but he made a crafting table instead. Next, he built a house and he made a sword. Then he killed a pig so he could get pork chops to eat. After dinner, he went to the desert and got sand to cook… Continue reading The Life of Steve 

Leaving the Flock

Soft Opening

Today was what I would like to call our 'soft opening'. My goal for this semester is to establish where my son is at, undo some of the poor ways he has learned certain subjects (thanks, common core) and get him excited about all the things we can learn together. My son LOVES Minecraft (and… Continue reading Soft Opening

Homeschool Resources


Funny before I had a child, I used to talk about 'homeschooling my kids' one day. Who knows in my 20's why I thought that maybe I am a secret seer.  Over the last year, I joined a few local Facebook homeschool groups to just 'see what they were up to'. What were they doing?… Continue reading How?