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Funny before I had a child, I used to talk about ‘homeschooling my kids’ one day. Who knows in my 20’s why I thought that maybe I am a secret seer.  Over the last year, I joined a few local Facebook homeschool groups to just ‘see what they were up to’. What were they doing? What did their ‘day’ look like? How did they start? What were the requirements? SO many questions when the idea first pops into your head. After a few months of just reading and getting a comfort level with the idea, a post for a nearby convention popped up. I immediately wanted to go and plotted my course to attend, the Great Homeschool Convention.  I attended two seminars. One covered the basics and was so incredibly helpful on getting started.  One was more specific to the laws and groups in Texas.  I decided not to purchase any curriculum that day,  but rather take my time and first establish which one might be a good fit.  I was encouraged to read 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum to learn more about the options.

The time came to start sharing the education and comfort level I was gaining with my husband. We discussed the topic time and time again. Things like the influence of standardized testing in our state (STAAR) and why I am an advocate for opting-out as well as the truth behind Common Core were all high factors on our list.  I also sent him articles as they would come across my groups. Like these:  New Path to Harvard, Unschooling and Homeschool Myth. In the end, he let his faith and trust in my research and knowledge guide his blessing……so here we are – all in for 2017-18 as homeschoolers!

 In Texas, you are essentially forming your own private school in which you will teach your child the state required curriculum of five basic subjects: reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship. How, when and where you choose to do that is entirely up to you.  There is no reporting or monitoring in the state of Texas. When you begin it is encouraged to brand yourself and name your school. I let my son help choose a name and create a logo… was born,

‘Craft the Mind Academy’

Visit Sir Ken Robinson


…and it definitely isn’t a fit for our family!

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