Leaving the Flock

Soft Opening

Today was what I would like to call our ‘soft opening’. My goal for this semester is to establish where my son is at, undo some of the poor ways he has learned certain subjects (thanks, common core) and get him excited about all the things we can learn together. My son LOVES Minecraft (and now Terraria), so what better way to get him excited about math, spelling, writing, and reading than to make it all Minecraft themed. I found Minecraft workbooks and am using the pages to push us off into other subjects that they don’t cover.  For example, we completed a Minecraft math addition worksheet together. It used various Minecraft animals in it. We used those animals as our spelling list.  We translated them into Spanish, laughed as Google Translate pronounced them and practiced writing them.  We made flashcards of our words (English & Spanish) to practice this week and will have a written quiz on Friday. Then we used a composition book to start writing a story and drawing a picture using the animals and Minecraft themes. The plan is to add to it all week with the big ‘publish’ coming Friday. Today being the solar eclipse, we had fun discussing ‘everything’ eclipse. We decided to ‘view’ it through my camera using a dark filtered lens. I love photography and anytime I can practice and teach him about the camera is a fine time!

I intend to expand and build on what we did today, but so far so good. I love that he had a great day and is excited about what we will do tomorrow! As I have been planning this journey, I think the biggest favor I did for myself was allowing anything to be an acceptable start. I am here to steer the ship, but it’s his heart we will follow.

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We are breaking the chains of conventional education. Leaving behind common core, standardized testing and institutional buildings to give our son something different. In our minds, something far better. Welcome to our worldschooling adventure. If you want assistance finding your next great adventure, contact me at CrafttheTravel.com.

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