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Our First OFFICIAL Day

Last week was our ‘soft start’ and we selected today to be our official first day ‘back to school’. We had to make the most of playing with friends last week before they started back to public school today. We wish them all the best for a great year!!

We also met new friends in our local homeschool group. We had a two hour class of gymnasium instruction.

Gym Time
Gym Time

Today, we started the day with Minecraft math (addition and money) and added the coin names to our spelling list. While we drove, Sebastian read to me from Diary of a Minecraft Zombie. Then we went to a sword fighting/park date with more, new homeschooling friends. It is fascinating to hear everyone’s experiences and journies. Came home for lunch and an afternoon of writing, grammar and keyboarding. Sebastian made his first blog entry today publishing the final draft of his Minecraft story, ‘The Life of Steve‘. Talk about one excited kid! He could not stop jumping around after hitting ‘Publish’!

Last night I stumbled upon an article that said so well, many things I agree with regarding education. An excerpt from:

It’s Time to Rethink How We Are Educating Our Children

“The ability to adapt and learn something new should be valued above all else. Gone are the days where you pick a profession and just do that one thing for the rest of your life. People will need to know how to learn something new multiple times over in their lives. Not only because it will be the only way you’ll still be able to contribute to society, but also because our knowledge of the world and who we are is progressing incredibly quickly.”  

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