Leaving the Flock

Climbing, who knew!?

It seems that we have gotten into a good routine in the mornings for math, spelling, and writing. Driving proves to be the perfect time for Sebastian to read to me from his chapter book. Today after we finished our academics, we headed over to Summit Climbing Gym. Who knew this would be so much fun for the both of us! We climbed auto-baley walls. I learned to baley for Sebastian and he got to climb the boulder walls. He went for 90 minutes and could have gone longer. He worked walls over and over to try and get higher. I was so impressed! We also learned they have a Yoga class that we can take together, so we plan to try it out next week.

By late afternoon we got word of a friend’s drive to collect items for victims of Harvey. This opened the door to discuss flooding, hurricanes and how the devastation they bring affects people’s lives. It is on my to-do list to find a volunteer position (or varying ones) that we can do together. Suggestions welcome.

My heart is so full from getting to serve this boy each day. I hope he embraces my love for learning, adventure, change, and challenge.

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