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End of our First Week!

Well, we did it! We made it through our first official week.  I am very encouraged by the progress we have made in such a short amount of time. I have learned much about my son. Where he is at in various subjects, his strengths, and his weaknesses.

I am really enjoying the flexibility to do what we want when we want. As it started we seemed to begin with our written work and venture out in the afternoons. Then that got thrown off. No problem! We picked up in the afternoon, doubled on a subject the next day and finished up some things on Saturday.  Back on track!

Here are some snippets from the rest of our week:  Had our first spelling/Spanish/math(coins) quiz.  Downloaded and played with the Google translate app. (Android, Apple) Practiced math in our Minecraft workbook. Money exercises on dry-erase cards (Target $1 bins). Started on nouns in a new grammar workbook. Examined, photographed, and identified six stones from my collection. Sebastian typed up and published his 2nd blog post about our rock analysis.  All in the company of Minecraft spider, bunny, and creeper.

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