After almost two decades of entrepreneurship, my worlds of photography, travel and homeschooling have combined. We are a worldschooling family. I work as a travel agent specializing in yacht charters and trainer for those interested in a travel career. I am an active photographer specializing in lifestyle and travel photography. My family and I accompany others to offer candid, vacation shots of their trips. I write pieces for my travel blog and articles for other publications. I collaborate with other companies and influencers to promote their brands and mine. I am an active, ranking reviewer on Trip Advisor. 

A little history about me and how we got into worldschooling and a travel lifestyle.

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Natalie, Founding Author

We are breaking the chains of conventional education. Leaving behind common core, standardized testing and institutional buildings to give our son something different. In our minds, something far better. Welcome to our worldschooling adventure. If you want assistance finding your next great adventure, contact me at CrafttheTravel.com.

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